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Ok I need some minecraft tech help

I was trying to open a minecraft account for my lil sis (using a minecraft gift card) and we tried a username and it didn’t work because someone else had it. We put in a new one and it seemed to work but the submit button wasn’t working. So like an idiot I refresh the page and lose everything we just did. Logged on to the Mojang account we made and found the account had been created, so we downloaded it. We open the play screen and I see that she has the first name that we tried that supposedly didn’t work. So we download the game and start single player and I see there is already a world. We open it and its full of endermen and she already has things in her inventory. I put her in 2nd/3rd person mode and see she also already has a skin that isn’t Steve so now I’m really scared

Did I just accidentally steal someone’s minecraft account? Or is there some creepypasta shenanigans about to go down?

Edit: if you can help, send the response to my ask because otherwise I probably won’t see it
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